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The Shakaroff Jewelry name is equated with timeless beauty and classic elegance.
It is unequivocally woman's grace and refinement that inspire Shakaroff to create diamond jewellery that emulate her elegance. Like the perfect compliment between lyrics and melody, which tug at the heart with each refrain, the woman who wears Shakaroff will forever be the personification of harmony.


To capture the essence and elegance of this timeless brand we set out to create the Shakaroff royal emblem, made from rotating the Hebrew letter "SH" four time, and adding a little twist to the name with a reversed K, as a hint to it's under-stated sophistication and mystique.

our work included the development of unique jewelry display systems, a full line of jewelry and model photography and the creation of a luxury brochure.


Tel: 972-52-233-5848

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