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for Connoisseurs*

“a person with refined taste”.


The term is used to describe Connoisseurs.

They are well informed, discerning and sure of their choices when it comes to the art of living. Gourmet in more ways than one, they insist on selecting the best life has to offer.


Only the best will do.


* "Feinschmecker" in German.


Luxury is about the extraordinary. It’s about the magical aura the brands radiate, it’s about status and exclusivity, it’s about how the brand makes you feel special.

Understanding these mechanisms is crucial to creating desire and seducing consumers into your brand story.

Brand Stories

Our knowledge, creativity and experience enable us to create brand stories that give consumers the space to project their own fantasies onto the product. Using words, images, symbols and sound, we take consumers onto a magical journey aiming to leave deep, lasting  impressions in their minds and eventually desire in their hearts.


You are invited to join the ride

Brand Stories
Shay Cohen

I'm a creative branding designer and the founder of FineSchmeckers.

Throughout the years, I have gained a unique set of multi-disciplinary tools, from filmmaking and animation through illustration and design to branding and marketing strategy development. 


The continuous search for knowledge, together with wild imagination, using advanced disruptive methodology, enables me to develop together with my clients, extraordinary brand stories that turn products into successful luxury brands.

I'm also an aspiring artist, and I invite you to view some of my art works at:

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